Creative & Branding

Whether you already have an established brand that needs to be reflected in your digital services, or you are looking to create a new digital brand that is the guiding star - Heavy Penguin has experienced UI Designers that work very closley with our UX Designers and Developers to produce visually compelling design...

Digital branding, first and foremost, is about understanding your ‘value’ as a business and relaying those values to your users. We create a first-class, modern design that communicates those values effectively.

Accessible & Responsive

We have accessibility ingrained in everything we do. This means it's not just our developers that look toward accessibility guidelines but our Designers too.

Design is a vital part of our Discovery process and our cross-disciplined teams mean everyone is working towards the same goal. Colours, fonts and layout create different emotions for different users and we need to make sure everyone is considered.

We like to design and build from a mobile-first perspective (depending on your audience).

Familiarity & Trust

A compelling brand/design builds credibility and trust. Users are more likely to engage or buy from a company that appears polished and legitimate. Human emotional reactions are usually very real influencers. We can help you create style guides and re-usable component libraries that make building new digital services almost effortless.

The Logo is king

Need we say more. One of the major cogs of your brand wheel is your logo. Think of how we instantly recognise day to day brands just by the logo. Its design is critical as it sits on every correspondence and advertising. It needs to be simple enough to be memorable, but at the same time powerful enough to communicate your values and give the desired impression of your company.