About Us

Human contact in a modern, digital world.

The unique blend of our expertise and experience across the world of digital, enables us to create solutions which help transform brands and organisations - opening up new possibilities, inspiring audiences and attracting customers.

Heavy Penguin combine over 20 years of experience working on some of the largest UK websites from e-commerce to non-profit. We are a small and intimate digital agency that doesn't lose customer focus as our client base grows. Quality over quantity is a bit of cliche but is a motto that has served us well so far.

We're proud to be a Digital Marketplace Supplier and Memberwise Recognised Supplier.

Penguin embraces clients in front of a whiteboard
  • Our Values



    We're passionate about our work and regularly question the latest technologies. We're driven by a genuine desire to build great user experiences and really invest in our client's journeys.

  • Our Values



    We have a measured approach to projects and our teams have an array of creative, technical and delivery talent from across the digital world. Our clients benefit from teams that have a great balance of skills and experience.

  • Our Values



    Great digital experiences, professionally managed! We have strong principles on how things should be and high standards on how they should be delivered. This helps us deliver top-notch solutions, placing the user at the very centre of the experience.

  • Our Values



    Simplicity over complexity! We strive to avoid overcomplicated solutions. Woody Guthrie once said "Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple..." - Amen to that!

  • Our Values



    Human contact in a modern, digital world. Clear and concise communication with our customers throughout projects, avoids problems. We like to be open and transparent on all aspects of running a project (that goes for costs too!).

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