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IMI Digital Partner.

We're proud to have been chosen as the Digital Partner for The Institute of the Motor Industry. Find out how we reduced an overcomplicated structure of websites and delivered a brand new and flexible Drupal CMS in well under a year.

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Our Clients.

Some very trusted organisations that put their trust in Heavy Penguin...

Cambridge University Press

Web Accessibility within the UK Membership Sector

Our mission to shed light on the state of web accessibility within the UK membership sector. Understanding the accessibility landscape of the Largest 100 UK Membership Bodies has never been more crucial

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How to create a landing page that encourages membership subscription

Unlock the secret to skyrocketing your membership signups with high-converting landing pages. The article delves into the indispensable elements of creating a compelling landing page

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Unlocking the Future with Drupal 10: Here's What to Know

Embracing the future often means navigating change. As Drupal 10's release approaches, there's both excitement and questions in the air. Dive into our latest piece as we unravel the essentials of this evolution

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