We've found the need for seamless integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management Systems (CMS) within membership and not-for-profit sectors has grown a huge amount.

That's why we specialise in creating powerful websites powered by leading open-source CMS platforms like Drupal and Craft, perfectly integrated with robust CRM software such as CiviCRM and CiviPlus.

Our solutions are designed to centralise and streamline your operations, ensuring a cohesive digital experience.

Building Powerful Websites with Open-Source CMS

Drupal stands at the forefront of our CMS offerings, renowned for its unmatched flexibility and ironclad security. It is the backbone of our digital solutions, providing our clients with the peace of mind.

For smaller-scale, yet equally impactful websites, we leverage user-friendly platforms like Craft, WordPress, and Wagtail. These platforms offer the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality, catering to a wide range of digital needs.

Seamless Integration with Open-Source CRM Software

The heart of our digital strategy lies in the seamless integration of CMS with open-source CRM software. Tools like CiviCRM and CiviPlus allow us to create a centralised hub for your digital activities.

From event purchases and registrations to sophisticated email marketing campaigns, these integrations offer a comprehensive toolkit for engaging and managing your membership base.

Enhancing Membership Management through CRM Features

Utilising the advanced features of CiviPlus, we empower associations with tools for detailed member management.

Features like Continuous Professional Development (CPD) logging, event management, and personalised communication channels are just the tip of the iceberg.

These functionalities not only enhance member engagement but also significantly streamline your admin processes. For a deeper dive into these features, we encourage you to explore CiviPlus’s Membership Features.

Open-Source: Freedom and Flexibility

Embracing open-source software is at the core of our philosophy. This approach ensures that you are never locked into a single vendor, providing the freedom to adapt and grow. The community-driven nature of open-source software means continuous improvement and adaptability, allowing us to tailor solutions that perfectly align with your members unique needs.

Our Methodology: Ensuring the Right Fit

Our approach begins with a comprehensive Discovery phase. This critical step allows us to understand your organisation's specific needs and choose the right combination of CRM and CMS.

Our thorough analysis ensures that the solution we deploy is not just effective but also a perfect fit for your unique operational landscape.