Discovery and UX

Your user is at the heart of everything we do! The Discovery phase of any project is paramount to the success. We adopt a fail-fast, learn faster approach and test any assumptions on real users early, by using rapid prototyping.

For too many years, companies created websites based on business need. This has started to change with the adoption of the user-first philiosophy. It's important to understand though, that it's not just about building a great online experience, offline touchpoints need to match if you are going to engage, retain or even attract new users.

We take this and the whole customer journey into consideration, understanding the users thoughts, feelings, barriers and hooks at each stage of their experience, helps us make informed desicions and suggest inclusive UX solutions.

We have Nielson Norman Qualified User Experienced professionals that will lead and facilitate a variety of workshops with your teams to gain valuebale output that will then be combined with thier knoweldge to produce inteligent experiences.

Our team of professionals will help reduce overcomplicated sitemaps, information architecture and technical infrastructure. Carry out Customer Journey mapping, create User Personas and create Content Workflows.

Depending on the scale of your project, you can expect the following:

  • Hojar implementation
  • Screaming Frog Site Audit
  • Facilitate Technical and UX Workshops
  • Information Architecture
  • Rapid Prototyping (Hi-Fi)
  • User Testing (Both online and Face-to-Face)
  • Iterative wireframing